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With Engage Process you will be in control in no time

This is an excellent starting point for tackling several projects and themes in synergy all starting from within our platform, and with full involvement of your teams and staff.

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Adressing multiple themes from a single platform:

In Control

Explore your business processes rapidly and make them understandable for all employees, in an unambiguous way. A great deal of details, such as descriptions, data categories, documents and hyperlinks to other systems can be added per process or each process step. Relevant exceptions are easily added as well, a requirement for any compliance situation.

The central process platform allows you to stay in control, even during improvement and other changes. All reporting is updated automatically. People driven change becomes the standard.

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Process Improvement

The ongoing exploration and improvement of processes is made easy with Engage Process. The platform supports interactive workshops, both in the office and remote, and is designed to enable people driven change. With the analysis and calculation features, the quality, effectiveness, lead time and costs of the current (AS IS) situation can be compared with that of the improved (TO BE) situation. Involvement and continuous improvement go hand in hand.

In this whitepaper we give 7 steps that can help you to organise a successful process exploration workshop.

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Transformation & Change

For any transformation it is essential to thoroughly know your processes and the relevant exceptions in those processes. What will the impact of the change be, where do we improve the process prior to using robotics and how do we get our employees involved? From an in-control situation we can make such changes and stay in control.

Cheltenham Borough Council worked hard on getting their employees to be the driving force behind change, they even managed to get the customer in on the transformation journey. Find out how in this case study

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Cost & Time Savings

Cost and time savings are not just some of the biggest outcomes, but also the triggers of most change programmes in any organisation. Use Engage Process to add details such as processing time, wait times and costs, to easily evaluate and compare all your process variants to find the optimal flow and achieve real savings.

Discover how Sedgemoor district Council saved more than £100.000 in the first year after a digital transformation project, using Engage Process for managing the impact on the involved processes.

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Service Redesign

Service Redesign starts by discussing and mapping out your service from beginning to end. How do we work today and how do we want to work tomorrow?

Implementing ‘Self Service’ or automating an activity are both examples of service redesign, and can have a major impact on your business. Reducing costs, lowering the time spent on cases and improving the overall productivity are just some of the benefits. But it can also lead to more time to focus on servicing the customers’ needs, instead of spending your time on ‘exception’ management or data entry.

Wrexham Borough Council has shared the story of their Service Redesign journey, learn all about the challenges and benefits they encountered during this journey in this case study.

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Robotic Process Automation

Using Robotic Process Automation to reduce costs and workload, increase productivity or to just have more time to do other activities. No matter the goal of RPA, it starts with your processes. Knowing where to start implementing new technologies is often the hardest part, so identifying key physical touchpoints is crucial. to find out where RPA can add value.

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