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Case study
Engaging the organisation in the Transformation Journey

"Working in a more agile way is quite new for services, but being able to get teams involved and making the processes so visual that we can see the impact that we'll be making now or in the future, makes such a big difference"

See how their Transformation journey drove culture change for the better...

Case study
Process Redesign at the basis of Digital Transformation

For Sedgemoor District Council, Process Redesign refers to the review and optimisation of processes to drive positive change. This supports their goal of becoming more efficient and digitally accessible to their citizens. Here, Sedgemoor defines their 7 Principles of Transformation...

7 Steps for a Successful Process Workshop

Getting in control of your processes is a key step in driving organisational change. In a workshop, teams can participate in exploring the current way of working and find improvements to better serve customers, immediately seeing their impact. The 7 steps for a successful process workshop are...

Case study
Addressing the Need for Change

With a goal of improving (online) customer satisfaction and service levels, Wrexham initiated a change programme, providing teams the task of re-imagining the customer journey using technology. See how they came together to improve their processes and the experience of their citizens...

Whitepaper: Engage vs Visio

In any organisation, there may be several solutions offered to reach a common goal. For mapping a process, both Engage Process and Microsoft Visio may be used. However, what happens when processes become more complex?

Learn more about the key differences between these two tools...

Seeing is Believing

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