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Housing Associations

Putting customers first, staying compliant and tackling the UK's housing shortage are not easy. A growing number of Housing Associations across the UK rely on Engage Process to underpin these critical initiatives. 

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Housing afbeelding


The perfect match for Housing Associations



Compliance & Risk Management

Housing associations experience increasing focus on risk & compliance. Processes are the perfect foundation for staff engagement and up-to-date compliance reports.



Customer Experience

Having customers at the forefront of that you requires and end-to-end overview of your services. Our platform is designed to do just that, allowing you to drive transformation forward.



Value for Money

Focusing on processes leads to higher transparency and efficiency. You drive the maximum value from funds and can focus on solving the UK's housing shortage.

We all love the brainstorm part of the modeler here at RBH, it is used a lot from team meetings to full scale Annual members meetings. The response rate for questions 100% improved when our customers could use the tablets to post their questions. The process modeler is so easy to use and has great visual impact. It makes calculations of lead and processing times easy which in turn enables us to save time analysing.
Ruth Camm
Transformation Lead, RBH

Simplicity, it's easy to use and to share with others. Using it in a workshop setting is brilliant, it allows the focus to be on what happens rather than keeping track of post-its and added notes. The ability to calculate costs and timings is impressive. Even using gut-feel estimates, the overall outcome is as close to the actual cost as you will get.

Nicola Ratcliffe
Transformation Consultant
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