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Seven Steps of a Great Process Exploration Workshop-1

Seven Steps of a Great Process Exploration Workshop


In this guide, we highlight what actions you need to take to drive the best results possible from your process exploration workshops. These sessions often involve a large amount of people who are not process experts, requiring to work together on visualising their work. Based on our experience, a few small tweaks can make a big difference. 

You will learn:

  • How to organise process exploration workshops
  • Who to involve before, during and after
  • What to do after the workshop, how to leverage results and drive continuous improvement
  • How to best organise remote process workshops

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Teasers for Improve Transform and Save

Improve, Transform and Save


The number of critical programmes tasked to local councils is rising and with that, urgency, so organisations are facing increased pressure around cost savings, digital transformation and compliance. More and more councils recognise that “process management” is a central foundation to bring the various programmes together, helping to dealing with them more effectively.

In this whitepaper we will show you:

  • Why process management is so important in these themes.
  • How you can start implementing process management in your own organisation

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Teasers for People Driven Change

People driven change in a non-visual organisation

Vision paper

People-driven-change has incredible benefits over top-down pushed change. By encouraging the review of processes to start with primary services, you can promote agility within your organisation that avoids resistance and drives demonstrable change.

Our vision paper explains:

  • What a non-visual organisation is.
  • What the benefits of people driven change are.
  • How to get people-driven change in a non-visual organisation.

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