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Improve Processes to Save

Save time, cut costs and drive change across your organisation! Designed to help you map and analyse processes that drive improvements and innovation, Engage Process is a complete process management platform.


Our intuitive, easy-to-use tool enables teams to get involved in exploring and improving your processes. Engage Process is 100% SaaS you can be up and running in just one day!


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Powerful process mapping from start to finish

With Intuitive icons, Drag&Drop editing, Show/Hide® and Switch View® functionality to create relevant process views, Engage Process enables the entire team to participate in process mapping and improvement. 

Analyse and compare AS-IS and TO-BE process maps to instantly see the impact!

Analyse your input to identify the biggest bottlenecks in your processes, and compare different scenarios to find the most impactful improvements.

Instantly create a process handbook

Once processes are finalised, Engage Process helps you create a digital handbook, making all process information and task details easily available to the organisation.

Engage Process platform includes:

The Modeler is our process workshop, exploration and design environment.

  • Automatic process mapping and syntax checks
  • Intuitive icons that are easy to understand without the need for training
  • Integrated calculation functions to show the impact of changes
  • Visually highlight value-added steps, helping drive priorities
  • Show/Hide® function for all relevant details and properties
  • SwitchView® function generates multiple custom swim lanes for relevant process views

The Viewer serves as a digital handbook / instruction manual for your organisation. Often called a Digital Twin, processes are instantly shared from the Modeler (where you map your processes) to the Viewer (ready to distribute).

  • Read your processes with the App or via a Browser
  • Show/Hide® to include relevant details in view
  • SwitchView® and intuitive icons allow all stakeholders to easily understand
  • Hyperlinks to relevant documentation and systems
  • Work and compliance instructions for each process step
  • Worldwide accessibility via (secure) SaaS
  • Options for Single sign-on (SSO) integration

Three integrated modules support teamwork and continuous improvement within your organisation:

  • Feedback functionality is built into the Viewer/handbook and linked to the Modeler platform. This allows your team to stay involved and easily communicate with stakeholders
  • Brainstorm is our digital post-it notes feature, providing a link from mobile to the Modeler, and more easily integrating feedback into processes
  • Teamboard is a collaboration platform (Scrum, Project, Agile) for flexible teamwork. Create a visual overview of tasks, activities and deadlines, with customisable options to help drive productivity. Use in conjunction with the other Engage modules, or on its own to manage projects

With the Publisher module (also fully SaaS), you can create the design of your digital handbook.

  • Customise with the branding and images from your organisation

  • A recognisable navigation for employees
  • Create personal landing pages for different teams and departments
  • Include industry standard landing pages

The Tables functionality allows you to centrally define properties such as Roles/Responsibilities, Location, Regulations, Documents and more. 

With the extensive Reporting functions in Modeler and Viewer, you can quickly and easily create reports for risk management, compliance, GDPR registers and more. Cross-links are made from properties in Tables to process steps, allowing you to compare and analyse processes.

What our customers have to say...

  • Kay O'Flaherty Head of Service: Wrexham County Borough Council

    "We focused on acquiring software that would make process redesign painless. Engage Process seemed to be the best fit for this."

  • Martyn Thompson Sr. Change & Delivery Officer, City of Edinburgh Council

    "Our challenge at Edinburgh Council is to save money effectively. By looking at processes, services and other things happening within the Council, we can identify the financial benefits."

  • Racheal Dixon Process Redesign Manager, Sedgemoor District Council
    "At Sedgemoor we re-design processes to lead in Digital Transformation and drive positive change. Doing so, it is important not to leave anyone behind, not the employees, and not the customers."
  • Kane Woodking Sr. Business Analyst, Cardiff Council

    "Engage is a powerful process mapping tool that allows you the freedom and functionality to create in depth process maps that can be the catalyst for delivering real change through efficiency improvements."

  • Catherine Orton Change Officer, Rugby Borough Council

    "Engage Process is so easy, quick to use and a great time saver. The benefits have been more efficient and cheaper processes."

  • Esther Gunn-Stewart Director, Gunn-Stewart Solutions

    "The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to do process mapping workshops remotely. At Scottish Rural College that turned out surprisingly effective due to the Brainstorm functionality in Engage Process."

  • Sanjay Mistry Programme Manager, Cheltenham Borough Council

    "When you show people the data out of Engage Process, and ask them if the process they see is broken or not, that's where the shift kicks in. Because they know it's their work that you're talking about."

Seeing is believing

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