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We are a certified Microsoft partner. The Engage Process Modeler is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.  Microsoft Azure is one of the most secure and safest hosting companies in the world and their compliance program is large. Click here for the Service agreement & terms and for the Security Compliance of Microsoft Azure.

Yes, you can change your subscription via the Personal Customer Portal at any moment. You can upgrade at any one moment; other changes go into effect at the end of the current subscription period. So it is easy to increase the number of users or upgrade from the Modeler to the Process Suite.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help!

The Engage Process subscriptions include unlimited data storage in the Microsoft Azure cloud. There is no limit to the number of projects or processes or size of the description fields that you want to include.

Also, with the optional Upload module you can store documents in the Engage Process environment. These documents or forms can be connected to process steps.

Many of our customers hold their process brainstorm workshops directly in the Modeler; Teams map the processes directly and brown-paper session is no longer needed.

But if desired, you can use the Modeler for a digital brown paper session or “brainstorm”. We have apps available in the respective stores for Windows, iOS and Android for doing this.

We do have a complete Process Suite to support every aspect of process management for small and large organisations. The Engage process Suite is currently available worldwide. Follow us on LinkedIn / Twitter.

Both the Process Modeler and Process Suite are multi-users products. Multiple users can work at the same time, independant of location and without any need for a local installation of software.

The products are used via the browser and sharing work among your team is easy.

Yes, the Process Modeler and Process Suite are developed following the lastest standards. They can be used with any browser that is not too old, for Windows and iOS.

The Viewer is also available as a standard App for iPads, and Android and Windows tablets.

Support is included in all our subscriptions. Please call or mail us!

All products of Engage Process have a new release some 3 or 4 times per year. New functions and improvements are included in these upgrades and they are made available to all users overnight. All users have the latest version at all times!

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