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The Ultimate Process Management Platform

Intuitive participation, brainstorming, giving feedback, making a rich handbook, a scrum board for flexible tasks, and compliance and risk management reporting.

In summary, Engage Process has been designed to get your staff truly involved in exploring, documenting and improving your processes. And being fully SaaS, you are up and running in just a day.

Start a 30-day trial

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Starting at £7,850,- a year, including:

Workshop & Modelling

The Modeler is our workshop, exploration and design environment.

  • Automatic process mapping and syntax check by the Logic Engine.
  • Intuitive icons allowing everyone to understand.
  • Integrated calculation functions to see the impact of suggestions.
  • Graphically highlight if steps are Customer Value Added or not.
  • Show/Hide® function for all relevant detail such as input/output.
  • SwitchView® function generates multiple custom swimming lanes.

Mockup Modeler EN

Handbook & Instructions

The Viewer serves as a digital handbook / manual for your organization. Often called a Digital Twin. Processes are shared instantly from the Modeler to the Viewer.

  • Read your processes with the App or via Browser.
  • Show/Hide® to look at the details when needed.
  • SwitchView® and easy icons allow everyone to understand.
  • Hyperlinks to your DMS documents and systems.
  • Work and compliance instructions for each process step.
  • Worldwide accessible via (secure) SaaS.
  • Optional Single Sign On (SSO) integration.

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Teamwork & Improvement

Three integrated modules support teamwork and continuous improvement:

  • Teamboard is a collaboration platform (Scrum, Project, Agile) for more flexible teamwork. Visualise & divide workload and create an overview of tasks, activities and deadlines. It offers all the flexibility and customization that we are renowned for. Teamboard can be used stand alone as well.
  • Feedback is a continuous improvement function built into the Viewer / handbook and linked to the Modeler.
  • Brainstorm is a our digital post-it notes feature, linking Mobile phones to the Modeler.

Mockup Teamboard

Design & Navigation

With Publisher, fully SaaS as well, you create the design of your digital handbook.

  • Personalized with the style and images of your organisation.
  • A recognizable navigation for your employees.
  • Create personal landing pages for teams and departments.
  • Including industry standard landing pages.

Mockup Publisher EN

Data, Relations & Reporting

With Dashboard, you will have access to an overview of all the details regarding the use of Engage Process within your organisation. These details include an overview of the amount processes, teamboards, most viewed processes and activities per user and modulele.

The central Tables module allows you to centrally define entities like roles, locations, regulations, documents etc.

With the extended Reporting functions in both the Modeler and Viewer you easily create reports for risk management, compliance, improvement, GDPR registers etc. Cross links are made to entities in Tables and to processes and process steps.

Mockup Tables EN

For Public Sector, Local Government, Finance, Commercial Business and more!

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