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Local Government

Over 50% of councils in the Netherlands and a growing group in the UK rely on Engage Process to tackle challenges around budget shortage, transformation and customer focus. 

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Local government is under continued pressure to deliver the best service for their citizens, whilst dealing with major shifts in funding systems, plus demands on compliance and risk management practices. 25 UK councils are tackling those challenges using the Engage Process platform.


Driving Cost Efficiency

Changes to the funding system is forcing councils to implement widespread budget cuts. Optimising business processes unlocks savings whilst keeping service quality up.

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Compliance & Risk Management

Whether it is implementing GDPR or ensuring your council can report on critical processes, with the Engage Process platform you create the required library and get your staff involved.


Service Transformation

Shifting customers to an online first service model is paramount in driving customer experience and finding sustained cost savings. Redesigning processes ensures your transformation succeeds.

Simplicity, it's easy to use and to share with others. Using it in a workshop setting is brilliant, it allows the focus to be on what happens rather than keeping track of post-its and added notes. The ability to calculate costs and timings is impressive. Even using gut-feel estimates, the overall outcome is as close to the actual cost as you will get. (source: Capterra)
Nicola Ratcliffe
Transformation Consultant

Because its simplicity of describing a process it is easy to use. Also the possibility to optimise and request feedback on existing processes is a nice feature to keep everything up-to-date. After following a workshop (definitely recommended, very educational, interactive and even fun) all users where very motivated to start working with Engage Process. (source: Capterra)

Dirk Bakker
Breda City Council
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