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Our Environment

Work is constantly evolving and with the increasing pace of digitalisation, organisations need to think about how they ensure how they operate at the highest levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility. Your organisation’s ability to execute defines how well you will be able to outpace the competition and deliver on your business goals of revenue growth, market share, and operational excellence.

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Our Mission – Simplifying Process Improvement

Engage Process’ mission is to empower teams to contribute an organization’s competitiveness by providing a platform for process improvement and embedment. Our solutions eradicate the need for extensive consulting projects with specialists by embedding their methods in accessible, easy to use software tools. As a result the teams that perform the work in your organization are now able to model, analyse and improve their own processes. This ensures inclusion, creates ownership and boosts adoption across the work floor.

Our Vision

In our vision, the key to a competitive and effective organization lies with its people. Fast changing work environments require smaller, agile teams that are self-directing and constantly seek to improve themselves. These teams consist of people who are part of the process in your organization, but are not necessarily process- or IT specialists. They make the process and as a result, are best equipped to optimize and improve it. However often they lack the required expertise to model, analyze and improve their own processes.

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What we do

Our solutions are built to facilitate a cycle of continuous improvement. Our modeling environment allows teams to model their current process, analyze potential bottleneck and issues, to then collectively design and test various alternatives. If an organization is embarking on a completely new initiative, Engage Process allows teams to think about how they should execute on work before they start, boosting the likelihood of an initiative succeeding first time around.

After teams have designed, analyzed and agreed on their way of working, they export their processes to our online platform which is accessible to the wider organization. Employees use this tool as a desk reference, they provide feedback for improvements and use it as a collaboration environment to ensure their new way of working is truly embedded in their teams. They achieve this without the support of IT, but in conjunction with existing IT systems.

In practice, 80% of people’s work takes place outside of IT systems, which means only the people in the process are truly equipped to define how they should work. Putting the tools in their hands ensures they are best equipped to drive your business forward, ensuring you achieve the goals you need to achieve.

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