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Private Sector

With over 300 organisations relying on the Engage Process platform worldwide you know you are in good hands. Drive efficiency, transformation and stay compliant in a single platform.

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Easy and intuitive BPM that gets the job done

The Engage Process Suite is built on Lean Six Sigma principles and comprises features that makes process management easier. Get your team involved to start improving business results today.


Business/Digital Transformation

Businesses worldwide are transforming to leverage the opportunities of new technologies. Processes are at the core of making those transformations work.

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Customer Experience

In an increasingly competitive landscape your focus on customer experience ensures you win every time. Our end-to-end approach means you truly have your customer in mind.


Compliance & Risk Management

Whether you are tackling GDPR or want to ensure you business is not exposed to large risks, processes form a great starting point to get your employees engaged. 

This software allows you to easy create diagrams, implement with the financial areas, operations areas and so on. The interface It is very easy to use and you can have support from backoffice anytime. (source: Capterra)
Juan Carlos
Unicomer Group

The products of Engage Process are not only perfect for documenting processes, but for discussing improvements with the team as well. Especially the user-friendly interface helps with making comprehensible processes. The Viewer is used at many places within the organisation, combined with the Feedback module it is great at collecting improvement ideas. By being able to link documents to processes, every workplace is always up to date! 

Sjoerd Kleisterlee
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Easier, More Effective Business Process Management

Let us show you how easier and more effective process management software helps you drive improvements across your organisation. 

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