Engage Process staff has a vast background in many aspects of process management. Prior to joining Engage Process significant experience was built up in fields of Lean/ World Class, Operations management, workflow-systems design and implementation, compliance and quality management, IT/ ERP implementation management etc. But maybe more important in our experience is the ongoing involvement in process management with several 100 organizations.

With all that experience, Engage Process has chosen to focus and limit its attention in developing, delivering, implementing and supporting the Engage Process Suite. Our process management consulting services are therefore limited to services needed for the use of our tooling. Please study the Tab – Product consulting for an overview of our services.

Partner network

A large number of consulting and IT-firms is using our Suite. These firms are specialists in all fields of process management and operate in many different industries. Several staff of each of these companies is trained experienced in the use of the tooling.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us to help contact a qualified consulting firm for your specific process management needs.