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Welcome to the Partner Programme

All our partners have direct access to useful information and resources, to help get started with Engage Process.

On this page you will find info on the Knowledge Base, e-Conferences, whitepapers partner training & masterclasses and info on the premium partner programme.

A variety of resources at your disposal

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The Knowledge Base

Via the Help-tab in the product, you will get access to all the training materials, videos and manuals.

You will also find the Knowledge Base here, a collection of example processes for various themes provided by our customers and partners.

The example processes can be imported to your own environment and adjusted when and where needed.

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White papers and other assets

We offer various white papers and other assets on our website. Such as a white paper about organizing a successful process workshop and white paper about people driven change.

The available white papers can be found on this page.

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The e-Conferences

e-Conferences are interactive webinars in which we share knowledge and experiences about a specific theme together with customers and partners.

We are always looking for new topics to discuss and partners to host with.

Curious about what an e-Conference looks like?
We have recorded and collected the previous sessions on this page.

Partner Training & Masterclasses

We offer multiple partner  training sessions and masterclasses, to help you get the most out of Engage Process. The following sessions have been planned:

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Please note: To follow a Masterclass, having followed a basic training and having experience with the use of Engage Process are required.

The costs for the masterclasses are € 75 (excl. VAT) per session, per participant.
The costs for the open partner training sessions are € 50 (excl. VAT) per session, per participant.

You can sign up by sending an email to

Please specify which session you would like to join and with how many people. We also offer private training sessions on request. The costs for these sessions are € 300 (excl. VAT ) a maximum of ten participants.

Premium Partner Programme

How do you become a Premium Partner of Engage Process?

Without exception, our Premium Partners work actively with Engage Process at their customers. They are successful in doing so and that is apparent in various ways:

  • The Partner has introduced one or more customers who now work with Engage Process and/or;
  • The Partner has one or more consultants who are trained in Engage Process and/or;
  • The Partner has, due to scope or expertise, a leading position in its market.

Next to the benefits the regular partner programme offers, the premium partner programme offers many more benefits, including: 

Online: The website of Engage Process will have a newly designed Premium Partners page which displays the names of our Premium Partners along with their logo, a brief description, and a link to the Partner’s own website. 
Market: Engage Process will provide a free (online) workshop for the appropriate Partner employees. In this workshop, we collaboratively discuss the general market developments as well as new product functionality.
Content: Engage Process offers marketing capacity to our Premium Partners to collectively create content such as whitepapers, case studies and blogs which can be used by both parties.
Training: Premium Partners receive a  discount on the Standard Partner Trainings and on the Partner Master Classes.
Customer Event: As a Premium Partner, you are exclusively welcome as a guest at our Customer Events held approximately once per year.
Finder’s Fee: As a Premium Partner, you are entitled to a one-off Finder’s Fee for each lead you provide which subsequently becomes an Engage Process customer within six (6) months.
Discount on services: As a Premium Partner, are entitled to discounts on the services of our productconsultants. 
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