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Engage Process Modeler

Making it easy for anyone to map processes with their team and analyse improvements, that’s what the Engage Process Modeler is all about.

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Human Centric Process Management

Traditional process management software (BPM tools) swing into action after a team has mapped their process. As a standalone part of the wider Engage Process Suite, the Modeler simplifies that by mapping processes during your team workshop. The Modeler automatically structures and checks your processes with the team in the room. Our visual approach is easy to understand for anyone, ensuring your process workshop is instantly captured.

“When I saw, and experienced the tooling myself, I instantly realised its power for organisations. It has become a crucial building block in my support to organisations."
William Fell
Master Black Belt, Cambrian

Process Mapping Made Easy

around the globe

  • Easy to understand icon based visual mapping
  • Automated, drag & drop process mapping with logic check
  • Steps enrichment with statistics, descriptions, documents and entities
  • One click view switching to alter process visualization (f.e. Customer Journey, swim lane, value stream, etc.)
  • Evaluate lead time, service time, costs etc. and automatically find the bottleneck of each parameter.
  • Create reports and overviews tailored to a specific target audience

Two starter editions, one just for students




Modeler Professional: Basic foundation for process professionals

The Modeler is our cloud based, entry level process mapping application for single users. It allows you to design your processes, optimise their performance, switch views and use basic reporting.



Modeler Team: Unlock collaboration with fellow experts

The Team edition is aimed at small groups of experts collaborating. This edition includes the same entry level process mapping environment, but allows up to 3 users to use the system.



Student edition

The Student Edition is offered free of charge, as long as you are a registered student! Click the button below to start your free student subscription. If your university has been registered, this will be automatic. If not, let us know and we will get your university setup. 

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The Engage Process Modeler is aimed at individual users and is part of the wider Suite. Getting a subscription is fast and easy with our webshop.

The Modeler Editions include the foundational mapping features of our Suite platform, allowing you to map processes quickly and run statistical analyses. Download the factsheet below.





Process Logic Engine

Statistics & Bottlenecks

MS Office Reporting





Process Logic Engine

Statistics & Bottlenecks

MS Office Reporting

All Other Professional Edition Features

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