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Enterprise Platform

Simple and intuititive process management at enterprise scale, with the Engage Process platform. Benefit from automated process logic and centralised application management.
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One Platform for all your Process Needs

At Engage Process we aim to keep things simple, so everyone can contribute to driving better efficiency, quality and growth. Learn how our platform enables your organisation to take processes to the next level.


Administration & Control

The Engage Process platform allows you to control attributes, users and access centrally, to keep uniform process design and reporting possible.

Unlimited Access

Unlimited Access

Process management is everyone's job, so you want everyone involved. The Enterprise platform includes unlimited users which means you will never run into limitations.


Process Logic Engine

The embedded process logic engine automatically structures your processes and checks their logic, which means every process will be uniform and correct.


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Enterprise Suite Components
Modeler 2


Easy & Powerful Process Mapping

  • Automated Process Logic Engine
  • Centralised attributes (apps, documents, roles)
  • One-click analysis tools
  • User authorisation


Sharing Platform With Feedback

  • Read only sharing platform
  • Desktop feedback module
  • SwitchView: value streams & swimlanes with one click
  • Visual icons or BPMN notation
Viewer 2


Structure Flexible Teamwork

  • Create cards to organise your work items
  • Add tasks and assign them to team members
  • Manage deadlines, priority and impact
  • Stay in control of projects and audits
Learn From Others

Case Studies


Nicola Ratcliffe

Transformation Consultant

Simplicity, it's easy to use and to share with others. Using it in a workshop setting is brilliant, it allows the focus to be on what happens rather than keeping track of post-its and added notes. The ability to calculate costs and timings is impressive. Even using gut-feel estimates, the overall outcome is as close to the actual cost as you will get.

Web 1920 – 98

Sjoerd Kleisterlee

QHSE Officer TKF

The products of Engage Process are not only perfect for documenting processes, but for discussing improvements with the team as well. Especially the user-friendly interface helps with making comprehensible processes. The Viewer is used at many places within the organisation, combined with the Feedback module it is great at collecting improvement ideas. By being able to link documents to processes, every workplace is always up to date!


Ruth Camm


We all love the brainstorm part of the modeler here at RBH, it is used a lot from team meetings to full scale Annual members meetings. The response rate for questions 100% improved when our customers could use the tablets to post their questions. The process modeler is so easy to use and has great visual impact. It makes calculations of lead and processing times easy which in turn enables us to save time analysing.


Mark Malipaard


We use Engage Process to create quick insights into our own processes and of our customers. The icons sets and the swimming lanes are ease of use and are highly appreciated. Any company that is in motion or has not changed for a long time needs a tool like this to help them. It doesn't matter if you work in a big or small organisation. We also recommend the people from Engage Process, they are very helpful and make a great product.

Easier, More Effective Business Process Management

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